alianza-rubeta-modelo4In January 2013, an agreement of embryos capitalization was signed, in which La Rubeta would put 150 embryos per year for 5 consecutive years in Estancia Caraguatá de Angus del Modelo. This coincides with an increase in our T.E. program, since 2012 we are putting 200 fresh embryos from our donors; adding the 100 IA and Monta a Campo pedigree breeds, we are achieving our goal of 300 pedigree births; plus around 50 Puro Controlado.

This commercial alliance among La Rubeta, Angus del Modelo and Uruguay´s exclusivity has as final goal to get into a Brazilian circuit and, as intermediate goals to produce progenitors to commercialize semen in Uruguay and produce high-genetic-value wombs to be sold. The selection of donors and genetic combinations are in common according to Fernandez brothers (Carlos y Martín).


This agreement also implies a continuous dialogue and information exchange about progenitor bulls to be used and the choice of female donors in Argentina to wash altogether.

The project deadline is already a reality and a market success, in which we finish with 518 embryos and 53% breeding in 2016. In June 2016, we carried out the first auction of supreme wombs in Uruguay, where the 32 Modelo-Rubeta average profits is $9.400.

“It is very gratifying to have the commercial alliance with Argentinian elite farm-animals-reproduction workers that see livestock and selection as if they looked through our eyes, looking for intermediate animal with a lot of meat, balanced and excellent racial stamp.” Ing. Rodrigo Fernandez.