Our Angus rodeo is one of the most important ones across Uruguay, managing an amount of 2800 Angus SA wombs; our genetics has been scattered throughout the whole country. We participate actively in the program of society’s tattoos, where in the last 6 years 3247 wombs and 1400 bulls were tattooed. We began our rodeo in 1990 and in 1992 we had already debuted in the Prado obtaining both champions.


We feel part of the vertiginous expansion that Aberdeen Angus race had and has; the same one that started around the late 90’s decade and still continues to date. In 1992, when the Modelo coincided the first time in the Rural Exhibition of Prado; there was 12 animal in the barn (from 5 were Modelo). In the recent exhibition 220 specimens coincided, after being the race that most specimens subscribed.


We produce and select bulls of moderate frame and bones, whose rusticity is provided in our breeding system, the 100% of the calves are weaned in a natural pasture (campos estivales de Indice Coneat 70).


We balance the phenotypic selection with objective information (DEPs), emphasizing in the breeding and the final weight at 18 months, to improve our whole circle system, to have as a result a Aberdeen Angus calf of heavy structure that bears on the hook. We are convinced that the intermediate and moderate frame (5) is what we cannot lose from our sight, we already have it, and it is just to keep it.


We have carried out a huge effort in the genetic investment; keeping thoroughly a much highlighted selection. We perform an ambitious program of embryos transplant. In 2005 we reached the incredible number of 1000 born animals by this technique. In 2014, we put the first embryos in the commercial Alliance of genetic high impact with Argentinian farm La Rubeta SA, where we finished 2016 with La Rubeta’s 518 embryos put in Caraguatá and with the percentage of 53,8 of breeding.


Our average DEPs are over the national average: 15%
superior to 18 months, 30% superior in milk and 20% superior in weaning.


Frigorífico Modelo obtained the third major male Angus of Palermo 98 and competed in three occasions with animals born and raised in “Caraguatá”. In Palermo 96 it obtained the third major intermediate heifer and the maximum price of all the commercialized cows.


We sell 350 2-years black and brown bulls per year, 90 PI and 1100 SA wombs. Without doubts, we are the farm worker leaders in sales of Angus for the meadow.


We are praised by an innumerable quantity of national awards, in terms of Prado and interior exhibitions such as: Sarandi Grande, Sarandi del Yi, Tacuarembo, Melo, Salto, Artigas, Rocha, Aigua, Treinta y Tres and Minas, among others.


(Since 1992 until today)
20 Great Champions (13 females and 7 males) and 11 times the best “cabaña” of the year
14 Reservados Gran Campeón award
10 times, best farm of the year.

(Since 1988 until 2002)

25 opportunities Pedigree champion set
17 times Honor Cup
17 SA champion set.


We prove that what we produce the same as the hundreds of customers who have benefited from our genetics. The proof of this is that in the screen auctions, our country has been consolidated as the proper medium to commercialize replacement animals under the important number of set which has our genetic brand.
We are sure that we are on the right track, reaffirming ourselves year after year in the 3200 livestock of own production, finished in our business.